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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Film Fervor to provide filmmakers and independent film enthusiasts with the film related products and knowledge that fulfill their wants and needs. For filmmakers, we offer a crowdfunding platform, interviews, social media promotions, reviews, and industry connections. For film enthusiast, we curate a selection of films to help them find the hidden gems in the genres they love.

Built to Revolutionize Independent Film

Film making is, inherently, a collaborative effort. Even on the smallest of budgets, it takes a crew of people to pull off a well made project. Crowdfunding is nothing new, it’s been around for a long time and it’s been made into a business that provides for itself first and throws campaigners out into the deep end to fend for themselves. Justin Kincaid founded Film Fervor as a life buoy for all the filmmakers treading water.

Film Fervor Funding isn’t just another crowdfunding platform, it’s a launch-pad for independent films. Every campaign on the platform will be carefully curated, by real human beings and not robots {Note: We don’t have a problem with robots, they’re way cool.} and put through a vetting process to ensure that the campaign has all the tools needed to succeed.

Once the project is green-lit and on the platform, Film Fervor helps filmmakers promote and spread the word about their campaign through the podcast, film blogs, social media, and industry connections. After the funding is complete, Film Fervor keeps track of the progress of the film and continually updates backers, supporters, and bloggers to keep the buzz of the film alive and well.

After the film is complete, we help send the film out into the world by working with theme-appropriate film festivals, making sure the completed project has the best chance to get noticed and gain support in the genre.

The Platform Fees

So,  once place we differ from everyone else in the Crowdfunding market is that our “Platform Fees” aren’t just gone from the film making community. The 5% Platform Fee we charge from every campaign goes to a pool. Every month we’re selecting a Featured Campaign and the initial funding or “seed” from the pool goes into the campaign to start it off strong.

What does this mean?

It means that the more campaigns we have successfully funded on the platform, the more money we will have to put into our selected Featured Campaign. We’re really trying something new and interesting here, because the indie film community is, technically, funding itself within the platform.